Our People

We are proud to say that we are passionate, responsible, and hardworking members of our team, starting with the ones that take care of the administrative businesses to the ones that actually work out in the field, installing tiles with great skills and talent. Many of the people we have in our business grew together with the company. At M&R Tiling Contractors, we were never afraid to look for young talents, to give them a good job and invest in their development. Yes, it is risky to invest in training and development of the youth because they may be tempted to leave the company. But, we always knew how to keep our team together and we looked for team members that would actually enjoy their job instead of just looking for a job.

Thus, we have to thank the admin staff for taking care of the paperwork and other time-consuming office tasks. Without them, our business would have had a bumpier road. Then there are our contract managers, highly talented and persuasive people that stay in touch with the clients, making sure that each detail falls into place as it should. They are the ones that pave the road toward a successful project. And last, but not least, we have to be thankful to our tilers, M&R Tiling Contractors couldn’t have existed without them. All the plans and projects would be useless without the skills of our tilers. They go where they are requested and do what they have to do, bringing the biggest contribution to the satisfaction of our clients. Their hands are the ones that do wonders and their skills allowed our company to grow so well and earn such a great reputation.

All in all, we are a welded and enthusiastic team that enjoys tackling challenges together, always looking forward to getting the next project. So next time, we may even visit you.



1544a Great Western Road
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Tel: 0141 339 2648
Email: info@mrtiling.com