Everest is a result of tasteful combination of vein-cut marble and cement visuals and textures – a stunning interpretation of natural stone.

The marriage of stone and cement creates a unique look that will transform any space, from the trendy to the classic.

Available is 3 stunning contemporary colours, this rectified glazed porcelain is sure to satisfy any design and style requirement both indoors and outdoors.

* Striking Visuals
* Unique mix of stone and cement
* Blended marble and cement characteristics with tasteful colour options to suit both traditional and modern styles 

* Italian design, Glaze and Granules
* 100% Italian designs reflects contemporary trends
* Superior-quality glaze and granules create a more authentic natural marble texture

Available 300 x 600mm and 600 x 600m
3 Colours, Avorio, Grigio, Anthracite